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Claims Software Seamlessly Handles Technicalities of TPA Claims Management

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The increased intricacies of claims management in the healthcare insurance industry led many insurance companies to associate with experienced &trustworthy Third Party Administrator (TPA). TPAs are the experts at cost-effective, productive & flexible services for insured clients. These TPAs bridge the gap between insurance companies, healthcare providers & policyholders while competently handling all types of insurance-related processes. A TPA handler incorporates advanced Claims Software to conduct TPA Claims Management efficaciously.

The Claims Software can deliver benefits like 24/7 self- service access to claims documents, detection of fraudulent claims, etc. It allows TPAs to impeccably interact with clients & customers and to facilitate clean claim reports.

DataGenix ClaimScape Claims Software is used by health & benefit payers like Third Party Administrators (TPAs), IPAs, self-administered groups, managed care companies and health insurance companies to handle the entire claims process from claims submission to settlement. It automates claims processing to a major extent, thus reducing processing time, operational cost and enhancing customer experience.

TPA Reporting Dashboard & Advanced Ad-Hoc Web Reporting

DataGenix “ClaimScape TPA Dashboard System” provides Instant TPA Metrics, Graphs, and Charts in Real-Time on any Device to Third- Party Administrators. This system uses cutting edge latest technologies for fast response and enables them to add or change charts on the fly to monitor and track Claims, Preauthorization Activity, customer service, etc. It also offers an automated web ad-hoc reporting system with real-time dashboards and support for international markets & currencies.

This Claims Software cuts costs associated with regulatory chance & compliance by providing a centralized administrative system. It delivers auto-adjudication competences and helps to conduct ingenious benefit administration. It provides functionalities like single click drill down to display data elements & export to excel, auto-refresh updates charts & stats every 5 minutes, advanced report styles, intelligent caching of commonly run reports for fast performance, trigger-based reporting & notification.

Automate Claims Workflows & Create Customized Claim Reports

DataGenix TPA Claims Management Software offers highly beneficial elements for TPAs that helps them in increasing value for their customers. It automates claims processing practices to deliver customized clean claim reports. It exhibits unattended claims auto adjudication capability, claims, preauthorization and customer service queues for maximum efficiency and optimized workflow.

The Claims Software enables TPA Handlers to capture claims data in real-time that vastly impact customer interactions & works well on tablets, android, iPhone, and kindle.It helps the associated members to capture & audit every action on claims to certify quality control. The ClaimScape claims management software includes a comprehensive product suite with complete HIPAA compliance and EDI Interfaces.

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