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Online Claims Management Software Presents Comprehensive Solutions to Health & Benefit Payers

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Online Claims Management Software helps Health & Benefit Payers manage multiple claims with great ease

Healthcare claims management software simplifies the claim management process for health & benefit payers. The claims software leads to smooth automated claims processing that saves time and effort. It offers modern solutions to easily connect payers for healthcare transactions and streamline the workflow.

DataGenix Claims Software streamlines the healthcare claims reimbursement process, claims adjudication, and multiple claims management with great ease. The claims software helps to create organize and process automated & agile claims management processes for most effective claims processing. With its ClaimScape Claims Software Suite, it delivers customized claim management solution that seamlessly integrates multiple manual processes to automate medical claim processing workflow.

Improve Accurateness While Reducing Errors

DataGenix Online Claims Management Software is equipped with intelligent integration abilities with the four products that work seamlessly together to improve accurateness while reducing errors. The “ClaimScape Products Suite” works in complete synergy with existing administration & claim systems and future cloud-based innovations. The claims software product offers premium billing solutions, auto-adjudication for accuracy, automatic sending of EOB, integrated web access portal, integrated pre-approval and preauthorization with complete HIPAA Compliance and EDI interfaces.

With its "Premium Billing," feature eliminates manual billing. Manual billing happens to increase claim errors & ultimately increase in claims denial rate. It optimizes your claims management strategy to decrease denial rates & administrative costs. The premium billing with claims integration enables easy access to a digital engagement of all the records, including medical, dental services.

Customizable Reporting System to analyze the Claims Data

The Online Claims Management Software helps Health insurance companies, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Independent Physician Association (IPAs), and Managed Care Companies with intuitive TPA reporting dashboards that are easy-to-use & help to visualize the general reasons for claim denials & rejections.

The “TPA Reporting Dashboard” from DataGenix Claims Software enhances reporting capabilities. The customization reporting system is offered to analyze the claims data in various formats. The claims software guarantees robust data feeds to permit holistic claims understanding.

The "Automated Processing of Benefit Plans" offers easy access to the medical claims & previous records in one place. The software supports EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), which is sending & obtaining electronic data with the use of technology. For claims submission, a good quality EDI system is required that allows us to automate claims processing easily and instantly.

DataGenix Claims Software helps to resolve problems developed by inconsistencies across payer ERA files. The software eliminates or reduces the need for manual correction which used to be important after completion of claims processing by offering comprehensive & modern claim solutions to Health & Benefit Payers.

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